Teamwork Done Wrong

This week in my project management class we had to complete our project update deliverable as well as carry out our project.  For our deliverable we had to provide an updated MOV and a description of where our project went throughout the fundraising.  My group had to change our MOV due to the fact that one of the professors did not want to participate in raising money for the Ronald McDonald House.  However, we were able to find a different professor that was interested in helping out the good cause.  My professor had mentioned that the fundraising may not go as planned, and it definitely did not.  Due to a lack of communication from our group leader, we were unorganized and we were unable to effectively collect money for the cause.  

Throughout this process, I have learned a lot about preparation.  In order to be effective, a project must be planned for accordingly.  Also, not that I did not realize it before, but communication is a huge part of working in a team, and when it lacks it causes issues that are nearly impossible to overcome.  I would have liked to have taken over the group, but in the real world, you cannot just start managing your manager.  Through this entire process, I have learned to expect the unexpected, and I have learned that you need to consider all possible failures when planning for a project.  I feel like this was a good experience because it has shown me how anything and everything can go wrong, and I feel like I can now better prevent this in the future.  


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