A New Direction

In my Internet Marketing class I collaborated on a presentation with a couple classmates, one being a Delta Sigma Pi brother.  Together we researched Office Max and came up with some recommendations for its website.  We went through and graded usability, search engine optimization, and social media presence.  Throughout the creation of the presentation, I feel like I learned a lot.  I focused on the SEO section of the presentation, finding what Office Max did well and what they didn’t do well.  Thanks to the internet, there were a lot of useful tools that I could use to analyze their effectiveness.  Overall, after analyzing tags, keywords and their competitors, Office Max did a fairly poor job compared to the competition.  They didn’t use alt tags, didn’t use their title tags and description tags effectively, and they had poor use of their keywords.

I felt like I could not have learned more through creating this presentation.  Because of projects like this, I have decided to pick up a minor in marketing, with a certificate in interactive marketing.  Being able to analyze a companies website will come in handy in the future, considering that is probably the first thing I would have to do when beginning a career in the field.  Also, I learned a lot about the search engine optimization process, and how to properly analyze a website.  Through the work of my classmates, I also learned a lot about how you can effectively to deploy social media for a company. 


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