In my project management class I had to develop a quality management plan for my fundraising event.  In this management plan, I had to develop an MOV, describe some process, product, and project metrics, as well as develop verification and validation activities that would ensure quality.  Through doing this quality management plan, I feel like if any road blocks come my way, I will be able to find a way to still have a successful fundraiser.  Also, in my Internet and Web Computing class we had to develop our own SQL Server database environment.  I did this by installing SQL Server 2012 Express onto our VM that we have on Azure for the class.  I then created my new database and a product table, and connected that to a table built from my website.  


Thanks to developing a quality management plan, I am one step closer to knowing how to successful manage a project.  Now I can say that I have made a quality management plan, and hopefully soon I can say how I used it throughout my projects’ life cycle.  I can see how this could be extremely useful if I get into project management some day.  Throughout this project I have also learned the importance of communication and teamwork, as this project has been entirely dependent upon it.  As I have learned this semester, even though you may not be handed the most applicable coworkers in your team project, it is extremely important to be able to still work together.  I feel like I have definitely gotten a lot better at working in a team.  Also, through using SQL Server, I have found yet another useful tool with the application.  I feel like I learned a lot about what I can do with SQL Server this week, and now that I have more experience with it I feel like it is something I can put on a resume.  


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