Heading Towards The Home Stretch

I have an exam this week in my Business Computing Environment and Networks class.  The exam covers the structure of the internet, internet domains, DHCP, and TCP/IP in depth.  It has been busy in that class, as I am also working in a group with a couple classmates in which we are setting up our own virtual machine and building webpages on it as well.  I have a project very similar to this in my Internet and Web Computing Tech class.

In that class, we just received our final project, which is to build a program using Visual Basic or AJAX.  The standard recommendation is that we take our knowledge that we have learned using both this semester and build an online shopping center, with a shopping cart, checkout, confirmation email, as well as an email to our inventory center and system.  However, our group decided to think outside the box and submitted our Business Case to our professor today discussing our idea of a Windows Phone application.

What’s nice about a Windows Phone is that it works much like a computer, meaning we can use Visual Basic and AJAX to build an application for the phone.  My group is building an iPass app, tentatively called “iPasser”, in which iPass users can access their account information, as well as view where tolls are along their route and the costs for the user during their trip.  I’m very excited to work on this as I feel that it is more than feasible and it could be a very useful application.  I can’t help but feel the need to start creating deliverables for this project like I have learned in my Project Management class this semester!   I’m very excited about getting started on these applications, but first I need to get through my exam.


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