Project Week

This week has been just as exhausting as last week.  I feel like I’ve gotten a lot done however and my grades are looking a lot better because of it.

To update last week’s post, I managed an 88% on my Internet Marketing exam.  It was a good way to end last week.

This week started with a lot of work, specifically in that same Internet Marketing class.  Our class was split up into groups to work on projects throughout the semester.  On Monday we had our first project due.  We were given a product and had to design a web page, PPC ad and landing page for the ad.  After designing these we had to write a lengthy paper describing how our website would be designed to optimize usability and search engine optimization, as well as describing how our PPC ad would gain the attention from possible consumers.

The product we were given was suntan lotion, and we had to go ahead and create our own company from there.  We came up with the idea Broski Bronzer, so that we would target a section of the population that hasn’t been targeted very much.  We figured this would give us an edge and less competition as a start-up company.

All in all, I think the assignment turned out very well.  I feel like even though I had a good grasp on the concepts of search engine optimization and usability, it was really cool to take those concepts and put it into an actual website.  A few years ago my mom was trying to start up her own company and wanted me to build her a website.  Taking what I learned from this assignment, I feel like I could now do a very successful job of that for her.  It’s always a good feeling to know you are getting something useful out of college!


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