First Blog Post!

It has been a busy week.  Tomorrow I have an important test in my Internet Marketing class.  The exam covers Display Ads and Customer Acquisition Techniques, Search Marketing, and Social Media Marketing.  It has taken quite a bit of reading and studying to know the information thoroughly, however I feel prepared for the exam tomorrow.

Today I had a deliverable due in my Project Management class.  Earlier in the week I met up with a fellow group member and we worked on our project schedule and budget for our main project for the class.  We are planning, running and executing a planned project to raise money for the Ronald McDonald House.  In this deliverable, my group member and I worked extensively with Microsoft Project in creating the schedule and budget.  It was very useful, as I know feel I have a good grasp on Microsoft Project for future endeavors.

Next week looks like a busy week as well, as I have an exam in that very same Project Management class and I have an extensive report to right for my Internet Marketing class.  I will be updating how that goes next week!


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